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:: news :: SexyGirlStrip ::

Read below all the latest exciting news about!

:: SexyGirlStrip news ::

02/06 - Get now the latest shows from VirtuaGirlHD through our latest VirtuaGirlHD shows page, updated every week! Our website will now update you about the latest girls and shows from VirtuaGirlHD that are released - first, you can see the very latest show directly on our homepage, at the bottom/right: homepage - the latest show from VirtuaGirlHD can be seen at the bottom/right of this page.
and still on you can get the latest 12 shows on our dedicated page, with description, information and free content related to the show and the girl, if available.

Plus, because we love to do things right for our visitors, you can receive automatically all VirtuaGirlHD girls and shows updates using our dedicated news feed (RSS), that you can get here:
Our VirtuaGirlHD Shows Updates feed is located at the bottom of every pages of
We also have a subscribe page to subscribe easily to our feeds using popular feed readers - feel free to use any feed reader you may want to read and subscribe to our feeds.

Please note that any latest VirtuaGirlHD show has a free trailer available once you click the title links (either in our feed or on our webpage), so enjoy these new features!

02/01 - Hi all, we just have released more content for Misa! You will find a new set of 58 sexy photos with 17 high-resolution photos 100% free, plus we have reviewed and added information about her latest intense strip show, "Homework". Enjoy!
Misa - click here NOW to get her Homework FREE TRAILER!
01/18 - We just have released our free VirtuaGirlHD shows section! Enjoy...
01/12 - A new girl from VirtuaGirlHD has been added on Misa! You can get free content and reviews, such as the Misa profile (come rate and comment her!), several Misa free photos , Misa videos and a review from us of her Nice Flower show at VGHD. Next girl coming is Jana H - we will review all her VirtuaGirl HD shows so that you can have information about the quality of each of these shows. Download free trailers of Misa now!
Misa from VirtuaGirlHD - click here now!
01/08 - Our structure upgrade is finished - we are ready to add all new content to the website. You will be happy to know that we are now featuring in average 20 full-size sexy photos 100% free per show per girl where only 6-8 are available free on the VirtuaGirlHD website - so that's exclusive content available on! Second, as you probably know VirtuaGirlHD lets you the possibility, besides purchasing different memberships, to buy tickets to spend on any show for any girl you wish - so in that idea we have thought that providing you with a short review of each VirtuaGirlHD show would be of help if you choose that way to get content for VirtuaGirlHD. We are also providing a rating for each show and we oppose on the same page the rating of VirtuaGirlHD members. So for example we have reviewed all shows of Carol G and all shows of Zuzana for the moment... Hope you will like this new feature!
We are now reviewing each show, this screenshot is the Bimboland (Carol G) review

Also, a full review of the VirtuaGirlHD software will be done as soon as possible - but I break the suspense, it's a top-notch softcore/sexy/strip program and you MUST at least get the free demo to see how it's excellent!

12/22 - We would like to let our loyal visitors know that we are currently upgrading structure to reflect and match the new VirtuaGirlHD feeling and content... which may take some time since VirtuaGirlHD is an all new software with all new content! So we are working as fast as possible but with the Christmas period actually, it may slow down the work a bit!

We are looking for some unique ideas and our quest to propose you exclusive & complete content around VirtuaGirl has just started... so stay tuned and in the meantime, we wish a Merry Christmas to all of you - enjoy taking time with your families!

10/29 - We've modified slightly our privacy policy page. Please check it now if you wish (no important changes have occured).
09/28 - Hi all... It's been some time since we haven't added content to - as we've said previously, we're waiting for the latest release of VirtuaGirl (HD) which is due in October 2007. With the latest information we have, this release should have all new content therefore any content added here may become obsolete very soon, so please accept our sincere excuses for having added so few content to the site since its release! So during the waiting time, we've added some new services to the website:

First, on top of the website, above the navigation bar at left, you can see three new icons. From left to right, they enable you to: make our site as your start page in your browser ; recommend any page of this website to your friends ; bookmark our site easily in your browser.
New services #1

Second, we have added a social bookmark button, above the navigation bar at right. It enables you, if you use a social bookmark service such as, to bookmark any page of this website to those services and then share the page with other persons! We offer up to 34 shortcuts to popular online bookmarking services to help you bookmark our pages to these sites easily and instantly.
New services #2

Third, all our news are now broadcoasted via RSS and you can now subscribe to our news feed to get updates instantly into your browser or using your favorite RSS feed reader! On the homepage, just click the "subscribe" link, and then you will have all information at hand to help you subscribing to our news. You can also get the subscribe page from our news section.
New services #3

And finally, in an effort to protect minors and persons vulnerable to pornography, and to be compliant with minor protection tools (and as to show our strong ethics concerning proper and responsible management of pornography), we've labeled and submitted our site to the ICRA, and we are displaying on all our pages a link to report child pornography and a link that may help certain persons to solve porn addiction. You can verify our site label by clicking the ICRA-labeled link in the footer of our pages.
New services #4

A last note... The winter months are coming and we look forward to make them really hot by following the release of VirtuaGirl HD which will surely fire your computer... Follow us as we will be delivering very hot, sexy content around this amazing software - have a good day everyone!

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