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The below statement represents our privacy policy, which governs which kind of data we collect from our users on this Website ( and any sub-domains) and how we collect it:

1. General Information collects information about visitors in the form of web-based third-party statistics, server logs and PHP tracker scripts, all dedicated to analyze visitor trends, site popularity statistics and movements/paths on the Website. This data does not contain any personally identifiable information about visitors such as names, ages etc...

2. Server Logs
Server Logs store server hits and contain data such as IPs, web referrals, user agent, date and time. This data is used for statistical purposes. None of these variables make us able to directly track an identifiable person with its name.

3. Third-Party Web Based Statistics
Web-Based Statistics collect the same information than Server Logs (see 2.), plus some additional information such as platform (OS), navigator, resolution and color depth. However statistics are displayed in a different way and serve a different kind of metrics.

4. Onboard PHP Tracker Script
This Website also uses a PHP script which is an advanced tracker that records the same information than Server Logs and Web-Based Statistics, but it provides further details and an easier comprehension of the visitor paths and movements on the Website.

5. Cookies
A. Our PHP Tracker Script (see 4.) uses cookies to maintain a connection with the user during the whole website visit. It helps to get a solid trace of the user's movements on the website, compared to IP tracking, as IPs may dynamically change during an internet session - so it just avoids losing the trace of the visitor on the website and then generating false statistics. No personal information is stored in this cookie. B. also uses three other cookies: first, one is used when the user casts a vote (rating) on the girls' profiles to prevent multiple voting on the same girl - it basically indicates that this user has already voted ; second, an another is also used when the user adds a comment on a girls' profile to prevent several comments on the same girl by the same user ; third, the last one is used to cap the information popup display on the free photos pages to three times maximum per three days. No personal information is stored in those three cookies as well. Additionally the voting/commenting mechanism also stores IPs to get the best trace of the user in case of he/she deletes his/her cookies.

6. Changes to this Privacy Statement may amend this policy from time to time. It is your responsibility to check and see if any changes have been made since the last time you used our site. However, if a very important change occurs, we may post a prominent announcement on our homepage.

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