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:: the girls :: Carol G ::

Carol G is available with VirtuaGirlHD
Country: CZECH REPUBLIC - Height: 5.79 - Weight: 132 - Vital statistics: 38/26/38
Release date: 2006/05/12 - Age during release: 26 - Current age: 43
Total profile views: 44813 - Total downloads: 324493
Matching VGHD cards: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Carol G Carol G is a really jovial blond girl with exciting big boobs and a perfect body - just look at her vital statistics: 38/26/38! She comes from Prag in Czech Republic (yes, the best blonds are East European ;-) ) and she usually works as a stripping girl in some great night clubs I need to go one day... Going to VirtuaGirl and stripping for your desktop was a new experience to her, as she is more used to perform on a club stage - but she was really interested and excited to become one of those VirtuaGirls stripping on millions of windows toolbars! I let you find which part of her body has the most benefited from all her years of experience of ballet dancing!

Carol G has some very sensual strips available in the VirtuaGirlHD software for you to enjoy, and since her first recording session has been very appreciated by the VirtuaGirl fans, she came back two more times in the VirtuaGirl studios for some intense shooting sessions of her remarkable body in which she drove the video director completely crazy! The strips, photos and videos of Carol G available in the members area of VirtuaGirl are of premium-quality, as she gave the best of herself - so do not hesitate and become a member now to get access to everything Carol G has to offer you!

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