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:: the girls :: Melisa ::

Melisa is available with VirtuaGirlHD
Country: CZECH REPUBLIC - Height: 5.18 - Weight: 108 - Vital statistics: 30/24/30
Release date: 2009/06/12 - Age during release: 24 - Current age: 38
Total profile views: 16452 - Total downloads: 362394
Matching VGHD cards: 689, 691, 583, 586, 584, 690, 581, 582, 585

Melisa Melisa has it all: she has the smile, she knows how to move her sumptuous body and how to dance, and she has the charm! Melisa is a very hot brunette coming from Czech Republic (again!) with exceptional dancing skills and a high sense of erotism. With Melisa on my computer, it’s like having a real strip club at home – she is so pro and she is high-level at everything she does... When Jana H is the hottest VirtuaGirl blonde out there, Melisa is just the sexiest brunette of all the girls available at VirtuaGirl. She just moves as well as Jana H, and she is as sensual. Melisa is for sure a serious and one of the best additions to your collection of VG cards, in my opinion. I appreciate that Melisa never hides anything from her delectable body: she has perfect-sized breasts, superb hair and, I have to say, a perfect vagina, and you will have plenty of time to scrutinize it as all the shows contain lots of close-ups on it...

With Melisa, everything is seduction. All her movements are perfection, everything she does has the good dose of “sex” in it...In fact I never caught her doing something wrong, she always has the smile and the seductive look. Not all cards are equal for sure, but all are very good strip shows. I recommend you looking at our VirtuaGirl shows reviews for finding some help when choosing which Melisa’s cards to add to your collection

So guys and girls, I let you know judging by yourself with all our Melisa free content below! Enjoy...

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2022-07-17 20:21:28

2020-05-13 15:34:16

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Where does one get a $10/year doamin name? I've thought about doing that to my blog, too.

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Cheers mate! I’ve inetnded to edit the DNS record. Silly ain’t :)

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you are SO sweet!!! I’m also rllaey excited about your e-mail newsletter actually

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