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:: the girls :: Misa ::

Misa is available with VirtuaGirlHD
Country: CZECH REPUBLIC - Height: 5.60 - Weight: 116 - Vital statistics: 34/24/34
Release date: 2007/10/10 - Age during release: 20 - Current age: 37
Total profile views: 27465 - Total downloads: 130289
Matching VGHD cards: 43, 41

Misa Misa is an amazing chick coming from Czech republic, and she is blond, as usual for this country. Perfect blond. Amazing blond. So hot blond! Misa is a very new VirtuaGirl who was one of the first to be shot in HD for the VirtuaGirlHD software... And she has lots of potential, believe me. Misa is only 20 years old, but she has already so much sensuality!

Misa is a girl travelling a lot who enjoys nude modeling since already two years, and stripping for the team of VirtuaGirlHD and for you guys was very easy for her as everything comes naturally... Look at her videos, you will understand what I mean! She really started as a fashion model when she was 14 years old. Now her goals in this business are to spend five more years posing nude and stripping before going back to a non nude life - I don't believe you, Misa - a such perfect body will be nude very often! So guys, the content below may become a collector, so enjoy it a lot. My last comment about her - Richard (CEO of VirtuaGirl) we need MORE of Misa! Ahh Misa... You are so lovely!

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Misa has 43 comment(s).
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