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:: about VirtuaGirl :: full review ::

(Written on March-22-2007 -- - Well, we briefly explained what is VirtuaGirl. Now we have a complete review about this fantastic software and website.

What created the success of VirtuaGirl, in addition to having a well-made and unique concept, is the stuff and buzz existing around their exciting girls. At the time of writing this review, VirtuaGirl2 is offering strips and profiles for more than 339 different models, which represents a lot of exclusive high-resolution nude and sexy photos, strip-tease videos, making ofs and at least five times more in smooth animations to download for the software. They have been very picky with their girls, and their shots are always of very good quality and very sensual: VirtuaGirl is containing the sexiest stripping girls online! I particularly love Kyla Cole and Zuzana, but that's my humble opinion... ;-)

In addition to all those stripping girls, you will also find famous pornstars such as Aria Giovanni, Nikki Nova, Sunny Leone and a lot more, while their participation at VirtuaGirl constitutes an agreement of quality content. VirtuaGirl itself has not really "pure" porn content, but some of their clips, animations and photos are of a naughtier stand, with girls masturbating and playing with their pussy, sometimes using sex toys. You will even find duos, trios with several sexy girls, playing themselves this time...

One other advantage of subscribing to VirtuaGirl, is also the free access to a real porn site with lots of quality content, VIPRoom, which is offering 150+ premium-quality adult video feeds from the best producers around. So, as long as you are a member of VirtuaGirl, you keep your free access to this great porn site.

You will also get a courteous customer service, in case of you need some help, which is very important. VirtuaGirl is a success thanks to their unlimited free demo and to the variety of their girls (blondes, brunettes, asians, lesbians, pornstars...), as well as to the huge erotic/porn content they offer to their loyal members for a reasonable fee.

Animated girlFrankly this software is a real bomb due to its glamour, sensual and erotic taste - right now I have Zuzana who is slowing uncovering herself on my desktop - that's very hot and pleasant! But it has a small disadvantage: it distracts a bit from your work!

We also have an in-depth tour below, so follow us to VirtuaGirl2.

:: In-depth tour ::

Well, we first land on VirtuaGirl2 homepage. There's not much to do - you have a FAQ for answering your most important questions, some goodies, the members / join page and the customer service.

The most important thing to do is to download the free demo (~ 8.42MB, version 2.63 - a version for 56K modems exists) by clicking the "Download now" button.
VirtuaGirl2 homepage
We then install VirtuaGirl2. The installation is very fast and takes approximately less than one minute. VirtuaGirl2 installation
Once installed, a small VirtuaGirl icon appears in your system tray. Left-click on it to open the main VirtuaGirl2 window. If you right-click, you will be offered to disable, unload the program or command the girls to appear. VirtuaGirl2 system tray icon
The girls start to strip on your desktop. Since this is a demo program, the girls fade out very quickly before they start to strip seriously. The demo is unlimited therefore you can enjoy it for as long as you want, and you will receive from time to time some free animations to have a look at the other models... but you always get very short animations.

You will also notice that the quality is very good and graphics are sharp, and that the animations are very smooth. There's an option to increase the animation size, but we will see that later with the full version.
A VirtuaGirl model fading out during her strip because of the demo version.
The main window allows you to customize VirtuaGirl2 to your needs, to update the software and some other options are offered to you. The first one (see the red circle) allows you to become a member to download all the full strip-tease content and animations of your choice. VirtuaGirl2 main window
The join page allows you to subscribe to VirtuaGirl2 + VIPRoom (for free) for $24.95 per month, which is a reasonable fee (you may for sure cancel your membership at any time you desire). They release new content and girls every month since years. Several purchase options are offered to you for your convenience: credit cards with two different processors, online check, pay by phone and pay by invoice (which allows you to pay later).

Once downloaded, everything is yours for life - even if your membership is expired, you can still access the customer area and download the girls and content that were available during your membership. You just cannot get access to the new girls.
VirtuaGirl2 join page
Once you've paid, you will be given a username and password to access the private area, as well as a serial number to authenticate the software.

The customer area is very user-friendly and you can access the girls listings easily, sort them by name, release date or users rating, download high-resolution photos and videos of the girls as well as the animation sets. There are also updates, news, extras, duos and lots of other features for your pleasure. You will also find inside your free access to VIPRoom.

Let's download some strips now!
VirtuaGirl2 private area
For my first full-length strip-tease I've chosen Candy, which is very sexy while having some candid appearance... (you know what I mean guys! ;-) ) I'm taking the full download (22.8MB ; 8 min 15 sec) of her "Ace of hearts" animation set, but for each different animation set (usually five per girls, sometimes up to 10), you can download sub-animations of this set. Just for this one I've 6 sub-animations to choose from. But I download them all in one go.

By the way, a small calculation gives an approximate number of animations that you can download at VirtuaGirl: 339 (girls) x 6 (average sets per girl) x 6 sub-animations (average sub-animations per set) = an astounding 12204 animations downloads actually available in the members area!
Private area, VirtuaGirl model: Candy
Once downloaded, I launch the file, which installs the animations automatically in less than ten seconds. I can then delete this file.

Now I'm going to the "models" tab in the main option window of VirtuaGirl2, which allows me to control which girls I want to display randomly. I can select the different animation sets for each girl as well, and I'm offered the possibility to delete each girl or each animation set. A good feature is the animated preview appearing at left when I choose the girls.
Models tab of VirtuaGirl2
Candy starts to strip sensually on my desktop! The strip-tease starts with a great music that you can turn off if you prefer... My Word document looks better now! ;-) The animation is very smooth and the quality is very good. If you're running on a large desktop, you may want to increase the size of the animations in the options. You can zoom up to 200% with not too much loss in details, although I'm recommending not more than 150% in zoom for best results (I'm running at a satisfying 130% on my large 2560x1024 desktop). Candy starts to strip!
It's becoming very hot! Candy is not so candid, in fact. But what was I doing before... uh? :) Candy doing not so candid things...
Let's look at the options. VirtuaGirl allows you to customize it to your preferences. First the icon in the system tray allows you to command a girl to appear or to stop her when you want, as well as disabling the software (with a password if you want) or simply quitting it.

In the options window you can select how often the girls appear - it varies from every 15 seconds to every hours. You can also select the animation size as described previously ; you are also offered the choice to display only full strip-teases, soft animations and strip-teases or no strip-teases (you get soft animations with no nudity).

There's a lot more options so I invite you to discover them yourself!
Options tab of VirtuaGirl2
I'm currently browsing the Candy's profile in the VirtuaGirl2 members area, where I learn that Candy promises guys not to be good, but to be really really bad!

Inside I find three very explicit videos of Candy and about 150+ high-resolution photos of her beautiful anatomy (size varies from 1200x1842 to 1842x1200). Excellent!
Candy's photo section at VirtuaGirl
Hmm... interesting photo of Candy. If you take a further look you will notice a beautiful tattoo at right... Wish I was the photographer at this moment! Great shot about Candy's gorgeous anatomy!
And finally I take a look at my free access to VIPRoom. First impression, there are tons of porn content! You will find various categories such as Amateur, Anal, Hardcore, Gang Bang, Lesbians etc... The clips are very long and can display full-screen with enough quality for a 1280x1024 display. Second impression, the content loads very quickly and I've noticed no downtime at all. Wow, that was really worth the price!

As for me, I'm quitting you now, I've 12198 animations left to download at VirtuaGirl2!
VIPRoom - dozens of porn categories for thousands of porn videos, all in high-quality!
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