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Updated facts on Jun-24-2011
Strip Shows: 850+ (avg 30mn / show)
Total duration: 425+ hours
Photos/Images: 52,000+ (High-Res)
Videos: 600+ (no DRM)
Zip Files: Yes
Community Site: 14,000,000+ fans

Payment options (Epoch, CCBill, CommerceGate)
Monthly: $14.95 per month ($14.95)
3 Months: $12.95 per month ($38.95)
6 Months: $9.95 per month ($59.70)
1 Ticket: $2
3 Tickets: $5 (Ticket: $1.67)
7 Tickets: $10 (Ticket: $1.43)
20 Tickets: $25 (Ticket: $1.25)
50 Tickets: $50 (Ticket: $1.00)
(Written on February-18-2008 -- - Well guys and gals, we finally review the latest version of VirtuaGirl, VirtuaGirlHD. Let me first announce the colour if you want to skip reading everything: it is brilliant.

A short year after our review of VirtuaGirl2, VirtuaGirlHD was launched, a necessary evolution because of the growing screen sizes concerning PC monitors, so VirtuaGirl2 was becoming to run too small on those new huge monitors. Plus, they needed some fresh new content and a fresh new site, and Totem Entertainment has responded to its fans and customers in a brilliant and delicious way. I will skip you the background of VirtuaGirl, you can get it at what is VirtuaGirl, and in our VirtuaGirl2 review. So now, here are the facts about this bewitching software.

Jana H starting to strip for me in her 'Sunny Holidays' show!VirtuaGirlHD has kept the main feeling of its very unique erotic offer, through a new and very well-made software. It's still all about fantastic and delicious babes stripping right on your desktop, but lots of things have evolved. First thing, is the evident quality of what is popping on your screen. Those amazing girls just appear in high-resolution, clearly taking lots of place on my 24-inch screen running at 1920x1200 (you can choose to decrease/increase size without any loss of quality). Colors are perfect, quality is perfect, animations are very smooth - the girls just look real on your screen! While I was making photos of my monitor for this review, and while zooming on the girls movements I just thought as if I was a photographer in front of a real model - okay, maybe I'm fantasising too much but I assure you that the effect is REALLY surprising. Something that adds to the real effect is that your task bar becomes as if it was an object that girls could cross on and put their hands, legs and the rest (!) on, or behind it, or in front of it. The software is working great, I never had any bugs, and the shows blend very well on your desktop and with your applications, it is never obtrusive. Best way to see what I mean, is to download the free demo, which will show you only non-nude extracts of the full shows you get when you are a member, or you may want to download separate free VirtuaGirlHD shows on

Yes, again Jana H... have you something against that? ;)Second, the strip shows themselves are just too hot! There's a bunch of all new girls and porn stars that are sexier than ever... Outfits and just perfect and the majority of their chicks are exclusive, and know really how to undress, dancing on strip poles, slowly showing you their ass and the rest! What nasty girls… you nearly smell their perfume! Frankly I am really impressed, and my collection of girls and shows at VirtuaGirlHD is already very very populated (username: maxfalcon)... Also, the shows are usually long (each show is around 10-30mn) and diverse, also as a sign of their quality, they are big files: expect usually between 100MB - 400MB for each show per girl. Remember that we review separately each strip show on this site to give you our opinion about them, plus you can get some extra info on these pages. We have lots more reviews in preparation.

And last, the VirtuaGirl website is no longer just a selling point of the strip shows. It has evolved as a full community where you can get advice, support, ask for specific content, interact with other users, post blogs, add user artwork etc... I think that it's a very good idea from Totem, as it helps to make their product more interesting, friendly and we can finally see the real popularity of VirtuaGirl, which is just amazing.

Oups, again Jana H...So as soon as you become a member of VirtuaGirlHD, you will be able to download full strip shows for your desktop that will make you completely wild about those chicks... In addition, you will be able to download around 50 high-resolution photos in average for each strip show from each girl (resolution of 1800x1200), which represents around 10,000+ quality photos actually, plus some videos where you can watch make-up sessions of the models, interviews, nude photos sessions, and some rare things you will never see anywhere else from those sexy girls, which are mostly Europeans... To become a member, you have two choices - in first you may subscribe to a monthly membership (recurring either monthly, every 3 months or every 6 months - 6 months is the best price), in that case you get one show delivered to you everyday. That is great if you do not want to choose your girls and have everything done automatically (in any case all their girls are amazing).

OK guys, I love this girl. She's too much sexy!The second choice offered to you, and I think that is a great option, is that you can buy 1, 3, 7, 20, 50 tickets without having a recurring membership, to be able to choose specifically the girls and the strip shows you wish to download. Some girls are available for one ticket, and some girls are for you if you throw in two tickets. But you can also get a recurring membership which is the best offer for value, and if some shows retain particularly your attention, you may decide also to buy some tickets in addition of your membership to get a particular show that you think is just amazing. The payments options offered are diverse and I appreciate that you can freely choose how to go with your VirtuaGirlHD shows.

Boy look at this perfect ass! Jana H has one of the sexiest ass I have seen in my life...In conclusion guys, and gals if any of you girls love other girls, I think that Totem achieved a great job. The variety of their warm models is very good, and those shows are just plain hot and intense, while some chicks are just too sexy and too nasty to be able to work with them... It really adds fun and a glamour, erotic taste to your desktop. Some girls go very far with sensuality and their sex, masturbating and everything... So I will repeat what I'm repeating everywhere on if you love watching and eyeing up the intimacy of delicious babes while they strip for you at your command, all with ultra-sexy outfits and with so various themes, then just get the full strip shows of VirtuaGirlHD. I assure that you won't be disappointed - and it's so unique that no other product is similar... So if you love girls that will be presented to you in a more personal way then go for it - the payment options offered are enough diverse to slowly try full shows to see if you like them and the whole concept.

As for me, please let me in my heaven, Jana H is off to show me her perfect ass, boy what a distraction... Click here now to visit VirtuaGirlHD!

I'm finally satisfied... I wish she could go out of this screen - damn! I need her address... Click here to get Jana H on your desktop today as well as lots of other amazing babes!
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