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:: news ::

Read below all the latest exciting news about, our partner's products and our girls!

:: all news ::

12/20 - Guys (and gals if any ;-) ), I have top news for you: VirtuaGirlHD has just been launched and is 100% available starting from now! What a great gift from Totem and just before Christmas to release the most amazing and sensual sexy desktop software that everyone was waiting for... including me! Frankly I'm testing it and it's just wonderful, so much work has been put in it and all the girls are more amazing than EVER!

So this release means two things for
1) We will release a complete review of the full version as soon as possible ;
2) We are now ready to release as much content as possible about VirtuaGirl HD as this fresh release is here to stay for years...

So what's next? For me it's enjoying those hot girls on my desktop and in HD! Sorry for some egoism from my part... If you want to enjoy VirtuaGirlHD as much as me, then just visit the VirtuaGirlHD website and download the software now!
The official VirtuaGirlHD has been released today - click here NOW!

See you soon and keep connected with!

10/29 - We've modified slightly our privacy policy page. Please check it now if you wish (no important changes have occured).
10/19 - Well we decided to review the latest version of OneGirlaDay - a brilliant site for watching amazing & really sensual babes. OneGirlaDay has recently completely switched to producing its own content - so what's new? Read it in the OneGirlaDay review!
Zuzana at work - OneGirlaDay videos are really hot!
09/29 - Well guys, VirtuaGirl HD is coming VERY soon! Actually in a beta testing phase (0.34), the long-awaited and most popular sexy strip software is currently tested intensively by a few restricted users, and it just seems it will be more amazing than previously expected! Beta testers are really impressed! Everything is not perfect actually, but bugs are quickly corrected and there are lots of options to customize VGHD...

Actually there are 66 girls available in HD strips... out of those girls there are regulars just like Zuzana, Carol G., Jana H, Misa etc... as well as all new girls. Top rated actually is Karina, an amazing, ultra-sexy blond - very hot! Her show is 14 minutes long, and her animation size for the VirtuaGirlHD program is 110MB - showing how much quality there are in the desktop strips!
Karina, current top VirtuaGirlHD

The particular evolution with VirtuaGirlHD, other than the program qualities themselves (HD strips quality, the great options to customize the program, and more intense, more diverse strip shows), is the release of a community, where users have member profiles, can rate and comment girls, submit user artwork around the girls, etc... I think that this feature will make VirtuaGirl HD even more attractive, as it will be animated by its fans and the website will be "living". Members can show their girls collections, write blog posts, etc... everything that's in web 2.0 actually. One thing I've noticed also, is the possibility to buy girls. I wonder how payment will be done - a monthly subscription or maybe the possibility to choose only the girls you want? Depending the price, this second option may be more interesting - you buy only the content you want!

Well, I'm very excited about VirtuaGirl HD and you should do as well! If you look for sexy, erotic, nude content, with beautiful and gorgeous gals, presented in a different manner than all those porn videos websites, then VGHD will be for you. Your desktop will be really attractive, and this software will be a perfect companion to other desktop customization tools and to all those hours in front of your computer, but - it's just very unique! So if you enjoy looking at beautiful girls stripping for you in detail - you know what to do!
VirtuaGirl HD screenshot with Zuzana

We will let you know as soon as the program is released!

09/28 - Hi all... It's been some time since we haven't added content to - as we've said previously, we're waiting for the latest release of VirtuaGirl (HD) which is due in October 2007. With the latest information we have, this release should have all new content therefore any content added here may become obsolete very soon, so please accept our sincere excuses for having added so few content to the site since its release! So during the waiting time, we've added some new services to the website:

First, on top of the website, above the navigation bar at left, you can see three new icons. From left to right, they enable you to: make our site as your start page in your browser ; recommend any page of this website to your friends ; bookmark our site easily in your browser.
New services #1

Second, we have added a social bookmark button, above the navigation bar at right. It enables you, if you use a social bookmark service such as, to bookmark any page of this website to those services and then share the page with other persons! We offer up to 34 shortcuts to popular online bookmarking services to help you bookmark our pages to these sites easily and instantly.
New services #2

Third, all our news are now broadcoasted via RSS and you can now subscribe to our news feed to get updates instantly into your browser or using your favorite RSS feed reader! On the homepage, just click the "subscribe" link, and then you will have all information at hand to help you subscribing to our news. You can also get the subscribe page from our news section.
New services #3

And finally, in an effort to protect minors and persons vulnerable to pornography, and to be compliant with minor protection tools (and as to show our strong ethics concerning proper and responsible management of pornography), we've labeled and submitted our site to the ICRA, and we are displaying on all our pages a link to report child pornography and a link that may help certain persons to solve porn addiction. You can verify our site label by clicking the ICRA-labeled link in the footer of our pages.
New services #4

A last note... The winter months are coming and we look forward to make them really hot by following the release of VirtuaGirl HD which will surely fire your computer... Follow us as we will be delivering very hot, sexy content around this amazing software - have a good day everyone!
06/27 - Migration to the new server host is done - we're fixing the latest errors and are doing a last global test. Enjoy!
06/26 - We're migrating to a new server host. The current host does not give us full satisfaction and lots of problems are arising everyday... During the transition you may expect a strange behaviour of the site but it won't last long. Thanks for your patience!
06/19 - We have slightly modified how we are featuring the girls from VirtuaGirl here - we will now list all the sexy girls available even if we have no free content for them (photos, animations, strip-teases etc...). We will complete the listing with girls' names and country of birth over the coming days...

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