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:: news ::

Read below all the latest exciting news about, our partner's products and our girls!

:: all news ::

06/06 - A new sexy girl has just been added to Carol G! Carol G is an amazing East European blond with big boobs and a perfect body, available with the VirtuaGirl2 software. In the members area of VirtuaGirl, Carol G has up to 556 sexy photos in high-resolution (very hot, lots of close-ups and more), 16 animations sets for stripteases in the VirtuaGirl2 software that represent 95 animations (more than 2 hours of sensual stripteases on your desktop) and seven good videos of her (with a full-length interview). You can access everything about Carol G and about 350+ other girls with VirtuaGirl2, so do not hesitate and subscribe now to enjoy all those girls stripping for you! We have some free content so just have a preview there:

- Carol G profile and bio
- Carol G free sexy photos
- Carol G free striptease videos
- Carol G free VirtuaGirl animations
- Carol G free porn videos
- DOWNLOAD TODAY everything Carol G has to offer you in private!
Carol G is our new girl on board!
05/30 - Well, we have great news today for those of you who are waiting for VirtuaGirlHD! We have the VirtuaGirlHD early teaser video for you to watch - I leave the link below, it will be better than a long explanation: (21.5MB)

You will see that VirtuaGirl is sure to rock the web again with this new HD release - very exciting! Keep browsing, we will try to get more news soon...
VirtuaGirlHD - release on Q4 2007
05/23 - gets a new partner on board: SVGForum! Well, we are proud to announce that we've partnered with John M. concerning his amazing VirtuaGirl community, SVGForum! SVGForum is one of the oldest VirtuaGirl community still in existence - inside you can meet lots of fans and grab information, mods and much more...
Our new partner SVGForum makes an announcement on his website about
05/19 - New exciting girls coming soon onboard! Don't despair guys, but we will release soon new sexy girls for your pleasure on the site... but the problem is, because of the forthcoming release of the new VirtuaGirlHD (which is for very soon), any content released here may become obsolete, so we're waiting a little, before releasing new VirtuaGirl models! We recommend you to check our VirtuaGirlHD news regularly for updates concerning this great upcoming hot software. The next girls to appear here normally are Dana V., Carol G. and Angel Cassidy!
The new girls to be released at SexyGirlStrip are (from left to right): Dana V., Carol G. and Angel Cassidy...
05/18 - The top charts section of SexyGirlStrip evolves - we added some great new graphics for clear and cool rankings... Check it out now!
Our top charts section evolves!
05/17 - The french version of SexyGirlStrip has been opened! Well, we finally finished the translation of the complete website which will please our french users... note that we are one of the first VirtuaGirl fan site to open for french users! To navigate to the french version, click the french flag on top of our website.
05/12 - The french version of SexyGirlStrip is going very well! Right now we can say that the translation and integration are finished at 60%-70%. It will be launched soon! While developing this french version, we also added some new features to the english site and corrected some errors... :)
05/05 - We got more news about VirtuaGirl HD - it's coming very soon! First is that the VirtuaGirl team is dropping the blue designs to switch to something more like our site - the new color is beige/gold which is very classy and mix very well with all those stunning blondes they are featuring... Personally I love it! And for your pleasure I've a large screenshot for you below. The design aspect is nearly finished, and the community features are tested by the VirtuaGirl team - I hope to have a pre-access soon before the launch to deliver you my first impressions... The current step is to finalize all the technical stuff for delivering you the most pleasant, fast and secure browsing/downloading experience. I bet you that VirtuaGirlHD is going to be great success, personally I'm already a fan! They will deliver tons of HD content, it's really exciting! More coming soon, so stay tuned, as usual...
VirtuaGirlHD is changing of color scheme from blues to beige/gold - it's nearly the final design.

Other news:
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